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Proper Gear

Proper riding gear is required to participate in range activities.  If you get a chance prior to the class stop in and let our professionals inspect your gear.  They can help ensure you have the proper gear.

Milwaukee Steel, HD Street 500

Get comfortable on a motorcycle before you even walk into your first class. Make the most of your class by getting in the saddle at High Desert Harley-Davidson®  and trying a Jumpstart™ demo. Getting knowledgeable before your class begins will get you on a bike and feeling comfortable faster.

You’ll mount the motorcycle, set your boots on the foot pegs and fire up the engine under the watchful eye of our trained personnel. And then, sitting comfortably on the motorcycle, you’ll give the throttle a twist and continue to shift through the gears – all while safely and securely attached to the Jumpstart™ platform.

If you are enrolled in a class where you can use your own bike and plan on doing so, please come prepared.  It must pass a safety inspection.   You must have proof of insurance.  Please have your registration with you and a full tank of gas.

Pre-Class Tune-Up

If you would prefer to receive some one-on-one instruction prior to a group class or are not sure if motorcycling is for you, sign up for a one-hour orientation to riding session. This will include the fundamentals of motorcycling operation, riding posture, and tips on balance and stability. This is not a riding class, but an orientation with a running motorcycle.  $69

Meet your Fit Specialists

Meet Matt and TJ.  They are your personal fit specialists.  They will help ensure that you are on the right bike both for your size and ability.  If you have any questions or need help please contact them at  

Final Tips For a Great Experience!

Learning to ride can be mentally and physically exhausting.  Please gets lots of rest.

Drink lots of water and eat some food during training.  It helps tremendously.